Lone Star College-Kingwood

Lone Star College-KingwoodKPO continues to enjoy and benefit from its ongoing and expanded relationship with LoneStar College System – Kingwood. Our orchestra serves as a “playing ground” for LSCS music students, who enroll in “Symphony Orchestra” as a for-credit course offered by the college. Likewise, KPO members enroll as non-credit extension students at LSCS. Our organization, along with our sister organization, Lake Houston Musical Arts Society (consisting of the Kingwood Big Band and the Kingwood Chorale) are thus able to enjoy the faculty, facilities, instruments, equipment and human resources afforded by LSCS.

Special thanks to the many folks at LSCS who make this possible, including President, Dr. Katherine Perrson, music department, staff, Jim Stubbs, our liaison, and Rob Hunt, our conductor.

Lone Star College System (LSCS) is a publicly funded, two-year, United States community college system serving the northern portions of the Greater Houston, Texas, area. With more than 90,000 students, it is the largest higher education institution in the Houston area and second-largest and fastest growing community college district in Texas. KPO is proud of its association with this institution of higher learning.

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Lake Houston Musical Arts Society

Lake Houston Musical Arts SocietyThe officers and directors of The Kingwood Pops Orchestra and Lake Houston Musical Arts Society have joined hands in a collaborative effort to expand and elevate the performing arts presence in the Northeast quadrant of the greater Houston metropolitan area and continue to explore and develop this symbiotic relationship. We are dedicated to promoting and supporting each other.

For upcoming concerts, please visit the Lake Houston Musical Arts Society web site.

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